About Me

IMG_0161bI am an ecological economist, writer, freelance journalist and philosopher with very broad research interests including the application of evidence in public policy formulation, taxation economics, environmental economics and the history and philosophy of economics. After spending about 10 years as an ecologist/evolutionary biologist, mostly working for government conservation agencies and then working in the private sector, I went back to uni and studied economics and philosophy. My training and experience as a scientist is extremely valuable in my work as an economist.

I’m currently working with the University of Melbourne’s Quantitative and Applied Ecology Group where my research examines the impact of carbon pricing on farmer decision-making. This is cross-disciplinary research using both my ecological and economics expertise and with a focus on analysing the risks associated with different carbon farming investments.

I’m also the father of two young children and a husband and so during the week I’m a part-time economist/writer/data analyst and part-time dad and homemaker.

I can be contacted at warwick.jss [at] gmail.com, Twitter: @wjss44, or connect with me on LinkedIn (please add a personal message if I don’t already know you)

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