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My article in today’s Guardian – The United States of Australia?

Are we witnessing the emergence of the United States of Australia? Australia can have its cake and eat it too, because a healthy and materially secure population will repay enormous economic dividends. Instead, we’re going further down the US pathin … Continue reading

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Budget vision

By Warwick Smith No other event equals the release of a federal budget for a clear statement of what the government really intends for the country. Almost everything else they do is smoke and mirrors. The budget tells us who … Continue reading

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Great article by Tim Thornton in today’s Age on the problems with economics eduction

I couldn’t agree more with what Tim writes here. Having a background in science when I studied undergraduate economics at the University of Melbourne I was shocked by the uncritical adherence to flawed assumptions that was taught to undergraduates and … Continue reading

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My Op-ed on productivity in today’s Canberra Times

Longer hours means lower productivity for the public service Originally published in The Canberra Times Date: May 6, 2014 Warwick Smith Job security in the public service is declining and conditions are under assault. Recently we’ve heard the federal government … Continue reading

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Resource rent tax – radio interview

I recently appeared on “On the money” on 2ser in Sydney (and other stations around the country through the community radio network).  I was explaining what a resource rent tax was and how it worked. As usual with this topic, … Continue reading

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